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Privacy Policy

Prolific Publishing, Inc.

Effective Date: March 3, 2021

Privacy Policy


Our privacy policy is very simple, your information is yours, and we don't want it. Our iOS application - Marine Aquarium - does not gather your personal information, nor does it send us your personal information, and, we don't want it.

If the app crashes, Apple iOS may provide a service to send us metrics on the phone itself and some possible reasons for the crash. If this non-personal data is sent to us, we use it to help figure out the problem, and then throw it away, because it is evil.

We don't advertise to you. We offer a paid app, which is enough for us. We use the money to eat and pay rent. Thank you in advance for any money you send us.


Contacting Us


Feel free to contact us and ask us anything. We want to make the best quality product.

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